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Connecting players in the music industry. Simply.

Expected launch:
Q2 - 2022


Leverage your fanbase to book your gigs.

Scroll through our AI-generated recommendations for venues and events. Request a gig and use our campaign generator to leverage your fanbase. The more fans support you the more successful your gig will be, and more gigs will come your way!

  • Scroll through our AI-recommended venues

  • View a venue's profile

  • Request a gig with a few taps

  • Start a campaign to leverage your fanbase

  • Let your fans do the cheering for you!


Use our data to make sound booking decisions.

Book artists or post events with help from our AI-generated recommendations. Receive relevant data at a glance, including artist profiles, number of fans, where the artist and fans are located, and how many gigs the artist has played. No more weeding through e-mail inboxes and social media profiles, but solid data for solid decision making.

  • Scroll through our AI-recommended artists

  • Filter and view artist profiles at a tap

  • Book an artist

  • Or create and post an event and allow artists to apply for it

  • Finalize your booking by reserving the artist's fee


Support your favourite artist in scoring that gig.

Make donations to your favorite artists’ campaigns in the app. See when they’re playing shows. Gain access to exclusive artist content and merchandise.

  • Discover events near you

  • Receive notifications from artists and review their gigs

  • Support your favorite artists

This is TAPSODY®

Connecting players in the music industry in an intelligent, data-driven, and time-efficient way; all in one app.

Frequently Asked

  • When and where will the TAPSODY® app be available?

    We aim to have a minimum viable product (MVP) available in the App Store and on Google play by Q2 2022.

  • Is the app free?

    Downloading and using the app is free. We earn an 8% commission by acting as a payment intermediary when a musician or band is booked on the app.

    We do not sell any data that is on the app to third parties. We do, however, earn additional revenue by means of sponsored content that we curate for the users of the app. The sponsored content may include exclusive deals for TAPSODY® app users.

  • Which venues will be available on the app?

    We are currently talking to venues in The Netherlands and Belgium that have a capacity of 50 to 250 seats.

  • How good are the AI-generated recommendations in the app?

    Our AI-generated recommendations are based on the data that we collect on the app. The more data we have, the better the recommendations will be.

    We take every precaution to protect, organize and interpret our data. However, we cannot guarantee that every recommendation will be 100% accurate for every user.

  • What else should I know?

    The TAPSODY® app is designed to make the interaction between active members in the music industry easier and more efficient. We aim for all parties to be more successful by offering a means to make sound business decisions based on our data.

    The TAPSODY® app makes it easier to get there, but cannot influence the outcomes of business decisions made via the app.